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James has no idea who she is or how she came to be trapped in a cage in Azriel's lab. The only thing she is certain about is that she is not a wolf and that she wants out of her false wolf body as soon as possible.

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Counting on Az to save her from the same doomed fate as the other wolves Az is given to study, from the distance of her cage she can see Az for who he really is and not the false front he presents to the world. Counting on Az to save her from the same doomed fate as the other wolves Az is given to study, from the distance of her cage she can see Az for who he really is and not the false front he presents to the world. But Kendrick Kane is not done with Westervelt and when he steps up his game to eliminate the Kanes from Westervelt, Az and Leah will need each other to discover the truth behind his evil plans, that is if Azriel can finally reveal the secret he has been keeping since he was a child.

With Leah's help, can Azriel finally take his place in the pack hierarchy or will they fail and lose Westervelt forever?

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Genre: Paranormal Romance. While watching all of the others eventually die in their cages, there is one curious little wolf who seems more alert than the others.

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After Theo sheds some light Being a wolf shifter has it's benefits, but what if you were stuck as the wolf with no memory of who you are or look like as a human? After Theo sheds some light on Az's protective instincts of her, the situation hits critical because now there's no way he can let her die.

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Leah doesn't know who she is and what's worse is she doesn't know what she looks like. She experiences these blackouts where she is not in control of what she does and has no recollection of when she comes to. The urge to kill comes as a voice in her mind and obeying feels like the only option.

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  • Her target is the Kane brothers, the same people who are trying to save her. I really enjoyed both Az and Leah's characters. Az might be deemed as the weakest of the brothers, but he more than proved otherwise in the story both physically and mentally. His mindful musings often puts him as somewhat of a joke to his brothers, but once his mind is set to something he doesn't give up. Leah should be a freaked out mess for someone in her situation, but she's actually quite calm and especially trusting that Az will find a cure for her.

    Az's insecurities are counter-balanced by Leah and vice versa. Their romantic relationship is sweet and sexy at the same time. With every story in the series we progress further into learning what happened in the past and how everything and everyone is tied together. It's especially nice to see all of the little updates that are given on the other couples. Great storyline and I can't wait to see what happens with the rest of the Kane brothers. Before reading this, it would be very helpful to read 'Wolf's Valentine', because that book had already happened when this one comes along, so there were things talked about and new characters in this book that I didn't understand.

    The Goodreads page for this series needs to be corrected by the editor powers that be. I was a little put off by mistakes in the beginning of this book. I went back to the beginning of the 4. I went back to the beginning of the series and re-read the first 2 books that I had read a while back, then started with book 3 and have gone from one to the next.

    In the first book 'Her Wolf', Ashlee meets the Kane brothers and they are described as having various shades of blonde to light brown hair. In this book, they have black or dark brown hair The author also tries to correct a mistake in the last book. In Book 2, 'Summer's Wolf', Faith shifts for the first time and is a black wolf, then in Book 3 the story about Theo and Faith , she is another color. The author tries, in this book, to say that the wolves often change colors with their first few shifts I wish that writers would just write a series, then move to the next one.

    I find a lot of these mistakes from authors that write lots of different things in the meantime, and literally forget what they put in previous 'episodes'. An editor would probably have found these things if they had read the books one after the other.

    I gave this 4. She was a likeable heroine, with no really irritating issues, IMHO. Sep 03, Ingrid Stephanie Jordan rated it it was amazing. Rebecca did it again, this lady's imagination is just phenomenal. When ever I read any of her books I'm always blown away. This women can write just about anything as she puts her magic fingers on the key pad she types each word flows thru the screen like magic.

    The five Kane brothers are still fighting their father, Kendrick Kane, who has to be crazy he has been trying for a long while now to kill his sons. But Az was special his dad tried to kill many many times starting at age two.

    Az grew up in a hard way sometimes worse then his brother's yet each had there own demons. James is a she-wolf, whoops no she's not, yes she has paws but something happened to her. Wait what happened to her where has she been? Everything in her mind is black nothing is there.

    Why she just now remembered her name. Why is she in a cage? This doesn't make sence why is she in a lab too? The guy in the lab never leaves he is always working but he was gentle with her when he came to the cage. He never talks, he smelt so good too, ooooooo and looking his at body just made her mouth water, handsome omg she should be thinking of escaping not sex.

    Wait did she ever have sex? I was gifted this book for an honest and truthful review. Sep 20, Margaret rated it really liked it. Aug 16, Julie Ramsey rated it really liked it Shelves: done. Wolf's Magic Book 4 - Not a stand alone book. James is locked in wolf form with no memory of her prior life. Saved from the cages of a madman, she is now in a cage at the Westervelt Wolf Pack and all the other wolves saved are gone, what happened to them? Why is she the only one left? She knows she is not a wolf so why isn't she in her body? Who is talking in her head telling her to kill others?

    She can understand the man talking to her, who is this gorgeous man th Wolf's Magic Book 4 - Not a stand alone book. She can understand the man talking to her, who is this gorgeous man that calls her "Shewolf"? Azriel Kane is a loner even with all his brothers he preffers to be in his lab were his science makes more scense. Yet he is hiding soemthing from everyone even himself. Az and Leah must both learn to accept magic if they are to help the pack and save each other from the madman bent on all their deaths.

    This wonderful story is about accepting things maybe Magical that can't be seen yet can be felt it. I really enjoyed Leah and Az's story. I guess it is true, watch out for the quiet ones! Watching Az come to grips with his past and embracing his own magic, was a wonderful twist on this story!

    Wolf's Magic (Westervelt Wolves, book 4) by Rebecca Royce

    Leah is just perfect for Az, as he is to her. I really loved watching these two come into their own power together and separately. I guess it is true we each have that other half of our souls out there! Azriel the youngest Kane brother, is different than his older brothers. He's more happy with his books and in a lab.

    He is struggling to find a cure for a serum his evil father invented that turns people into shifters. Leah has been turned into a wolf shifter and trapped in her wolf form. The only kindness she can remember is from a man on the other side of her cage. But can he help her? This story was exciting and had so many unexpected moments. Azriel is brilliant and powerful, he i Azriel the youngest Kane brother, is different than his older brothers.

    Azriel is brilliant and powerful, he is such a fantastic character throughout the book. He has such a big heart but he has trouble seeing his worth even when he's priceless. Leah is strong and passionate and her character grows a lot in the story. She gets so much thrown at her, but it only makes her try harder and become stronger.

    I really enjoyed these two characters and finding out the next piece of the puzzle in this series.

    Wolf's Magic

    Each book I read I think, ok this can't get better, but then the next book comes along and I get drawn even deeper into this Westervelt Wolves series. What a great series, and one I easily recommend. Received a copy for an honest review. Azriel Az Kane keeps to himself much to the dismay of his wolf. Az is very scientific in his thinking and trying to find a way to save man-made wolves from dying. Az takes a special interest in She-wolf in his lab and believes that she can hear whatever is going on around her.

    James is trapped in a wolf's body with no way to speak to handsome man that's trying to help her. When Leah can suddenly hear Az's thoughts in her head she thinks that she's crazy. She hears a voice telling her t Azriel Az Kane keeps to himself much to the dismay of his wolf. She hears a voice telling her to kill the wolves but Az gets her to submit and the voice fades. Az is stunned to believe this beautiful woman is his mate and wonders how he got to be this lucky. Can Az stop Kendrick Kane's plans?

    What makes Az so special?