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The Omega Rebellion by Rick Howard

The Saretta's mighty engines roar and the immense ship slowly lifts off, her hold filled to capacity with coldsleeping colonists. The Saretta has been in deep space only one week when Captain Weingar interrupts Gasper's sleep. As he leave his quarters, he meets a dozen crew members running down the corridor. They appear to be armed with knifes and clubs.

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Although the path to the bridge is blocked by the men, Section 20 Sections 18,19 Gasper could turn and flee in the opposite direction toward the security barracks. If Gasper flees to the security barracks, turn to section If Gasper stays in the corridor and tries to intimidate the crew members, turn to section Where are you taking her, though? I may want to check up on her during the trip. Gasper makes a note.

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The technician reconnects Tita to her coldsleep apparatus and takes her into the hold. After the crowd disperses, Captain Weingar shakes his head. Otherwise, the crew will think they can push you around. The ground crew finishes loading the colonists the next day. The Saretta's engines roar into life, hurling the starship away from earth and into deep space. As he flees, one of the crew members yells, "He's going for his crew! We'd better get some more of our people down here! We've got a mutiny on our hands! The security crew members jump from their bunks and grab their pistols. By the time the security team is ready to fight, the crew members have gathered in the corridor outside the security office.

We're taking over this ship and going to Omega to make a new life for ourselves. Banshire can't track us down once we're there, and with all of the supplies on this tub we ought to be able to set ourselves up pretty comfortable. The only thing standing between us and freedom is that low-life security chief of yours. What do you say, will you join us?

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Roll two sixsided dice. If the total rolled is the same or less than the security team's Morale value, turn to section If the number rolled is greater than their Morale value, turn to section One by one, the other guards pledge their loyalty to the mutineers. Finally, after the last man defects, the mutiny leader steps into the room and asks, "What do you boys want to do about the Chief, here?

You saw what he did to that girl in coldsleep," says one of his guards. They all await his response with cruel grins on their faces. The mutineers laugh heartily at the captain's concern. We'll tell His Lordship that you put up a good fight. No, thanks. Newlin may be a cold-blooded murderer, but at least he's in His Lordship's service. You're nothing more than a pack of hungry dogs, and I don't doubt that you'd turn on us in a minute.

A few moments later, the mutinous crew members rush the security office. Gasper cannot survive. Gasper's security team attacks using Chart A. See end of section 14 for values. One of the mutineers steps forward and says, "Or what?

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Me and the boys are taking charge of this tub, now! Gasper has a Manpower value of 1 and an Ordnance value of 5. Because of the close proximity of his targets, Gasper attacks using Chart A. He attacks twice before the mutineers reach him. His Melee value is 6.

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  8. The mutineers have a manpower value of 12 and no Ordnance value, so they cannot attack until the third round of combat. During their part of the third round, the mutineers attack using a Melee value of 5. If Gasper perishes, turn to section If, by some miracle, Gasper survives, turn to section The mutineers, throwing knives and tableware, have a manpower of 12 and an Ordnance of 2.

    If Gasper's security team defeats the mutineers, turn to section If the mutineers eliminate Gasper and his security team, turn to section Although his bullets find their marks in a few bodies, there are too many more. A dull thud crashes into Gasper's head. The inside of his cranium explodes in burning agony and Gasper falls unconscious. Without Gasper to beat off the mutineers, Captain Weingar soon falls and the mutineers take the ship to Omega. On Omega, they establish a pirate colony that preys on the commerce of the struggling world.

    Eventually, Omega must turn to Lord Banshire for protection. Banshire seizes the opportunity to crush Omega's colonial government and install Section 25 Section 24 his own agent. Within twenty years, Omega is just another part of His Lordship's vast holdings. The remaining men hesitate when they see Gasper's deadly aim, allowing him a precious advantage.

    Gasper quickly finishes off the last of them. Gasper then reports to the bridge as Captain Weingar requested. The nervous captain appears extremely relieved to see his chief of security. He then tells the captain of his encounter after leaving his quarters. Twelve men! His Lordship will surely want to reward you personally for your bravery. As the captain predicted, Lord Banshire personally rewards Gasper at a state banquet, naming him chief of security for the Mojave Spaceport. Gasper moves into a house of his own at the spaceport and is able to guarantee that his family has an apartment to themselves for as long as he lives.

    Another six mutineers immediately rush into the room and meet the same fate. The surviving mutineers attempt to flee, but Gasper's security team follows and brings every one of the mutineers to a quick and efficient justice. Gasper then calls Captain Weingar on the ship intercom. You're sure the situation is well under control? Report the identity of each mutineer to me as soon as possible and we'll decide whether we can continue the journey. His Lordship will be extremely unhappy. Four armed security guards immediately rush into the room, their weapons drawn.

    Back on Terra, a formal court of inquiry determines that Gasper was unfortunately placed in a position of high responsibility without training. It recommends that he be returned to his old job as a junkloader in the Hillgrove Production Complex. Captain Weingar is demoted to the rank of ship's janitor for failing to remedy the situation when he learned of it. And Green Sector Station Commander Webster, who gave the job to Gasper in the first place, mysteriously disappears before his interview with the board.

    The technician nervously refers to his clipboard. I recognized her from a previous encounter. Weingar eyes Gasper thoughtfully. The navy just isn't what it used to be.

    What danger do you think she poses? If she were to awaken, she might be very disruptive. She might be a spy, or maybe some sociopsychologist thinks the new world needs a rebellious element. We'll want to check on her once in a while. Shortly after liftoff, Gasper holds a meeting of the security team to establish their in-flight routine for the next five years. At the meeting, one of the older men asks permission to speak. With your permission, I'd like to say a few things. On the other hand, me and some of the boys here have been on starship security details for just about our whole lives.

    Before you go and foul up security on the Saretta, we want to tell you a few things.

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    If Gasper lets Larry know who's boss, turn to section I wouldn't want you to get the idea that just because I value your experience, I'm a pushover when it comes to discipline. We'll do our scheduling and our training according to the book, is that clear? In fact, their faces show a little more respect. I expect more from my number-two man. You are free, of course, to make adjustments to regular procedure as needed, but only after discussing these changes with me.

    Is that clear?