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Walmart Book Format: Choose an option. Add to List. Add to Registry. Written for those times in grief when the strength to do the hard and necessary work of mourning is waning, this book contains inspiring words about finding the courage deep within to embrace the pain and go on living. Presented in a one-reading-a-day-for-a-month format, it features compassionate writings by grief educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt, as well as quotes on courage from some of the world's greatest thinkers. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

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The Mourner's Book of Courage provides the needed boost to confront grief directly and allow the process of healing to continue. Customer Reviews. Write a review.

Ask a question. In Vedic times, there were incidents of the putrika --a daughter who could assume the role of a son.

Good grief: the psychology of mourning | Dean Burnett

In later years, the religious patriarchy interpreted the putrika as the grandson, and reserved the conducting of the last rites for males. In most Hindu families, the body is bathed immediately after death, sometimes by women in the family. The ritual marks of the community, along with sacred ash, may be applied on the person's body, under the guidance of the priest who chants holy mantras, which vary in different Hindu communities. Before the body is cremated, the immediate family members put flowers on the body, rice in the mouth as nourishment for the departed soul , and coins in the hands.

The body is placed on a bier and taken to the cremation center. With the exception of the bodies of children and sanyasis, bodies are usually cremated. There are, however, some Hindu communities which practice burial. When the person dies, the family is in a state of grief.

To respect this, no cooking is done in the house until the cremation takes place. Live your life so that when you die, your wake lasts for hours, and everyone has a story to tell. Live your life in such a way that when things go wrong, you are surrounded by a wall of love. Paul loved Kurt Vonnegut. A Grief Observed is not going to show you the pathway out of despair. There are no pithy aphorisms. The agonies, the mad midnight moments, must, in the course of nature, die away. But what will follow? Just this apathy, this dead flatness?

Will there come a time when I no longer ask why the world is like a mean street, because I shall take the squalor as normal? Does grief finally subside into boredom tinged by faint nausea? Hard questions without good answers. A horrible club. I take solace in Paul. When you know and love someone you know what they would say in a situation, what they would think. You can know and love someone enough that they are there even when they are not.

But the sham and drudgery of daily existence makes it hard. Morning commutes. Internet comment boards. Work deadlines. The barista who gave you coffee instead of a double-shot of whatever. All the little things that loom so large until you get that wakeup call that says that never really mattered at all. Of course, I am the king of sweating the small stuff.

On my first day back from work, I went into the courtroom and within a minute, the judge was screaming at my client, screaming at me, and finally screaming at my client again for reasons that still elude me. This didn't touch me at all. It gives voice to what you are feeling. It shows you that you are not alone.

It gets you through an hour or two, and that hour or two is important when time has stopped. I wish you the courage to endure what is to come. I wish you strength for the road ahead. And if there is a god, I pray that god goes with you.

The Mourner's Book of Courage : 30 Days of Encouragement

View all 20 comments. I bought this book about ten years ago for a reason. It sat on my bookshelf all that time. Recently a Goodreads friend of mine Shirley picked it for me to read for our group's challenge. So I couldn't hide from it anymore. My mother died in January and my father died in June To say that I was overcome with grief is a colossal understatement. Losing one parent is hard enough but two? Bereavement counseling was my lifeline.


In counseling they suggested I write in a journal I bought this book about ten years ago for a reason. In counseling they suggested I write in a journal to express my grief. It was a very hard process. I was never angry with God I'm Catholic for taking them away from me.

Oil of Joy for Mourning: The Healing Touch of God

As a matter of fact my faith and love in God increased tremendously. Without God's love I don't know how I would have survived. So, that's the reason why A Grief Observed by C. Lewis sat on my bookshelf for all these years. I just didn't want to bring my grief to the forefront again. I knew reading the book would bring back a lot of emotions and sadness which, by the way, never really goes away. It's just a different kind sadness.

A Grief Observed was a painful read.

NPR Choice page

I could feel C. Lewis 's heartache, raw emotions. I felt a kindred spirit in reading his words and knowing that I wasn't alone in my grief. Death is hard. The grieving period is hard. It takes time to regroup but in the end you do survive. Thanks Shirley for picking this book for me. View all 27 comments. Each person's grief is unique. When C. Lewis' wife died in , he journaled and took notes, trying to observe his bereavement. This is a short but meaningful read; it is less than pages, but it took me several days to finish because I frequently had to put the book down and contemplate certain passages.

Lewis often wrote and spoke about his Christianity, and this book has meditations on God and faith and purpose. I am not a religious person, so another reader may find these se Each person's grief is unique. I am not a religious person, so another reader may find these sections more meaningful.