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The Masters and Their Retreats. Free delivery worldwide. Description The great lights who have come out of all the world's spiritual traditions and graduated from earth's schoolroom have become widely known as Masters. They demonstrate to us that in the world of Spirit, there is no division of race, religion or philosophy--there is simply oneness, ineffable sweetness and love.

What is not so widely known is that these great Masters have retreats--temples and cities of light in the heaven world--where we can go in spiritual meditation and while our bodies sleep at night. In this magnificent work, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet talk about these great Masters, the stories of their lives and their incredible spiritual retreats. People who bought this also bought. Add to basket.

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Best Mountain Quotes to Inspire the Adventure in You

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Paths of Light and Darkness Mark L. The Path to Attainment Mark L. About Mark L. About the Author Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet , were visionary pioneers of modern spirituality and internationally renowned authors. Their books are published in more than 30 languages, and millions of copies have been sold online and in bookstores worldwide. Together, they built a worldwide spiritual organization that is helping thousands to find their way out of human problems and reconnect to their inner divinity. They walked the path of spiritual adeptship, advancing through the universal initiations common to mystics of both East and West.

They taught about this path and described their own experiences for the benefit of all who desire to make spiritual progress. Mark and Elizabeth left an extensive library of spiritual teachings from the ascended masters and a thriving, worldwide community of people who study and practice these teachings.

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  • Summit Lighthouse Library on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters;
  • Mark L. Annice Booth taught classes on practical spirituality--including prosperity, the spiritual dimensions of love and relationships, alchemy and the ascension.

    Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. The Masters and Their Retreats 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Guest More than 1 year ago This book is the most comprehensive 'higher octave' reference book I have come across in over 20 years. We open the book at random almost every night to read a page and 'go' somewhere new!

    What a blessing. Related Searches. It is love and wisdom, talents and virtues, money and material goods — whatever we With simple wisdom and spiritual realism, Creative Abundance takes a look at the practical dimensions of abundance. It explores new View Product. The Enemy Within. The dark side. The synthetic self. The not-self. The enemy within…. Many names for the part Many names for the part of us that can sabotage our highest dreams and ideals. A collective consciousness of all our misdeeds—of this life and many lifetimes—emerges as a pseudo-identity and Lords of the Seven Rays - Mirror of.

    Lords of the Seven Rays tells the stories of seven mystics who reached for and Lords of the Seven Rays tells the stories of seven mystics who reached for and accomplished the goal of self-transcendence and graduation from earth's schoolroom, a process called the ascension. By exploring their unique paths to spiritual mastery one finds Lost Teachings on Keys to Spiritual Progress.