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September is National Preparedness Month and The Prepared Bloggers are at it again!

He needed someone to drive his second car from Perth to the desert, where he lived, deep in a national park, for half of each year — could we help him? I couldn't resist the lure of a new escapade — my flight and shower would have to wait a little longer. Now, I'm faced with the vehicle we'll drive 17 hours into the outback tomorrow: a floral-patterned s caravan, full of supplies for a nuclear holocaust. I open a cupboard beside the bed. An avalanche of toothbrushes and dental floss rains down on me. Crouched on the caravan floor, gathering up the toothbrushes like an apocalyptic "pick-up sticks", I stare up at the prepper, waiting for an explanation.

You're holding apocalypse gold there. In my Gollum-crouch, I grab the floss and try to imagine a world where that could be "my precious". This is despite "preppers" being widely met with ridicule or fear as the New York Times writes , prepping reality TV shows "are full of people lovingly cradling their weaponry, which in many cases is frighteningly extensive".

Preppers make themselves easy targets, between the YouTube tutorials on how to make a crossbow from a ski, and the graded sequence of Mary-Poppins-meets-Bear-Grylls survival bags. And yes, preppers have more acronyms than the public service. But it was August the North Korean nuclear crisis was at its peak and the hands on the doomsday clock had inched closer to midnight.

I'd been in the desert for five weeks now, and without access to the news, I couldn't evaluate for myself how the shit was placed relative to the fan.

Doomsday Goes Mainstream

It turns out that most preppers are motivated by real-world threats , just like the North Korea crisis. Dr Michael Mills from the University of Kent found that government messaging , reported in mainstream media, motivates more preppers than fringe, conspiratorial sites or religious preachers. When fear drives the clicks that keep cash-starved newsrooms ticking over, anxiety is virtually built into journalism's business model. It doesn't help that we've lost a lot of the visual cues that we're ready for disaster: while cities were once littered with bomb shelters and nuclear bunkers, in a digital world, our "readiness" is largely invisible.

As Dr Lee Stickells from the University of Sydney writes , "in the context of global climate change, ongoing fiscal crises and pandemics, the survival retreat starts to seem like an eccentric but understandable reaction.

How I built my ultimate 25 pound bug out bag

We were deep in a national park with zero reception, despite the plan to retrieve messages by sending our phones up and down on the biggest helium balloon you could buy from Perth. It failed, but the giant balloon flying above our bunker-caravan like a prepper flag may be what attracted an elderly couple who rushed to tell us a family were stranded in a remote carpark.

When we reached the carpark, the kids were starving. They'd run out of water and were bracing themselves for a night in the bush. As I performed my important role of "torch holder" in the Wolf Creek-esque carpark, I suddenly got it: preppers exist because the rest of us are critically underprepared. My survival skills extended to holding a torch. I couldn't reboot their car, let alone scavenge bush tucker for dinner. Back in the city, I'd somehow managed to kill a plant specially chosen because it only needed watering every three months.

As my prepper friend worked away, silhouetted in the torchlight, I realised preppers are just a variation on the "Aussie bushman" — perhaps a dying trope in our urban era, where the "unkillable" fern is my nursery's fastest-selling plant. The giant balloon now seemed like some classic Aussie bush mechanics. Australians are, in many areas, dangerously underprepared — from our poor understanding of how to protect ourselves from natural disasters to the fact we're seriously underinsured. And it's not just on an individual level.

My prepping friend's basement full of fuel seems less crazy when you learn that Australia doesn't stockpile fuel properly , despite being an island at the end of the Earth.

Dr Samantha Hepburn, an energy security expert from Deakin Law School, says Australia is "particularly vulnerable" as we import more than 90 per cent of our liquid fuel from the Middle East. We do not have a sufficient stockpile to deal with this for very long," she says.

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In some ways, prepping is a reaction to how precarious our global supply chains have become, where a Trump tweet from Washington can impact an oil shipment to Esperance. On current reserves, after about a week we're going to run into serious problems," says Dr Hepburn. Pharmacies would run out of supplies after about three days and our services we take for granted; electricity supply, water supply, none of this can happen without fuel.

Put simply, my prepper friend's personal fuel stockpile would last him six times longer than Australia's would last. Dr Hepburn points to China, the US and Sweden as countries that take stockpiling seriously, with Sweden stockpiling food and water, too. The reason so many others are underprepared is simple: prepping can bring upfront costs, even if it's cheaper in the long-run.

Apocalypse Now: The Gear You Need to Survive Doomsday

Capitalism and democracy make long-term planning complicated — upfront investment skews budgets, not a good look for any politician seeking re-election. People do want to know what to do and how to survive. Her business Chilli Preppers has been going for about five years and she runs courses including food cultivation and preservation, and doomsday prepping. Many of the skills she teaches are those our grandparents knew but current generations have lost, she says. They knew scarcity and so they grew their own food, preserved it, and fixed things themselves.

The consumer generation — not so much.

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Society would have to rearrange. She believes there are two main courses of action in a an apocalyptic situation: one is to bug out and the other is to hunker down. People who choose to bug out have a location somewhere hidden or remote that they are prepping with equipment and supplies. At home, Mel has aquaponics and a big vegetable garden. She also has solar panels and solar lights.

'Apocalypse gold'

We have tried it and it is hard. The blogger and author Nick Sais from Australian Preppers has seen downloads of his prepping manual jump exponentially week by week. He sees the increasing traffic on his site as a sign of a collective frame of mind. Sais is an electrician who spent a number of years in the army reserve and has always had an interest in survivalism, but over time his hobby has become something more.

Where there used to be occasional forays into the bush with minimal equipment to test his mettle, now there are several buried caches in specific but remote bug-out locations on public land. The caches include dried beans, rice, water purification and fire-starting devices.

He has also taught himself to hunt feral animals using traps and bow and arrow. I realised that I had to learn how to, to have any chance of surviving. I think we are on the brink of war … whether that is nuclear or boots on the ground, it is not going to be nice. For Sais, it is a family affair.

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Before you Bug Out After SHTF...

Overview Bad times may be coming. We all know that, right? But what are we doing about it to prepare? What can we do? We are not talking about localized natural disasters, which are temporary situations and relatively easy to recover from.

Prepping for Beginners: Emergency Preparedness Checklist

These bad times, which may very well loom on the horizon as we speak, could render all the money in our bank accounts worthless. When the trucks stop rolling, there is no more food. Even if you have some stored up, how long will it last? The cities figure to become a pretty ugly place after a severe SHTF event.

They will be unsafe, and crowds are extremely bad for survival situations. Rural homesteaders who know how to produce their own food and live self-sufficiently may suddenly find they are the new upper class in whatever is left of society. This book is for you city slickers who want to establish a reasonably secure bug-out and survival plan for your family now, while the grid is still up.

When the S does HTF, you will have a place to go live and a way to get there, quickly and safely. It involves investing some of your soon-to-be-worthless dollars in a plot of rural land out in the sticks, and then getting it ready for homesteading in a manner that will not attract squatters. Allow Ken Benton to show you how to prepare a proper survival retreat.

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He will walk you through the steps of finding land, establishing a fresh water source, preparing for cabin-building, establishing temporary shelter, getting a head start on food production, stocking up on essentials, and protecting it all from both the elements and the eyes of anyone passing by. Ken will help you prep for bug-out day, and provide important tips for travelling after a SHTF event - giving you the best chance of arriving at your retreat intact.

He will teach you how to then live off the land and be a happy, secure, rural survivor in a post-apocalyptic society. Product Details. Average Review.