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Fleur de Valeur: A Medieval Banquet

Question: Who prompted you to have painted on your standard angels with arms, feet, legs, and clothing? Question: Why did you not have painted the brightness that comes to you with the Angels and the Voices? Answer: It was I who carried the aforementioned sign when I charged the enemy. Question: Did the two angels that were painted on your standard represent Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel? Answer: They were there only for the honor of Our Lord, Who was painted on the standard.

I only had these two Angels represented to honor Our Lord, Who was there represented holding the world. Question: Were the two Angels represented on your standard those who guard the world? Why were there not more of them, seeing that you had been commanded by God to take this standard? I did all by their command.

Question: Did you ask them if, by virtue of this standard, you would gain battles wherever you might find yourself, and always be victorious? Question: If any one but you had borne this standard, would he have been as fortunate as you in bearing it?

Margarite fleur de valeur, rondeau for 3 voices, R. 27

Question: If one of the people of your party had sent you his standard to carry, would you have had as much confidence in it as in that which had been sent to you by God? Even the standard of your King, if it had been sent to you, would you have had as much confidence in it as in your own? Answer: I bore most willingly that which had been ordained for me by Our Lord; and, meanwhile, in all I waited upon Our Lord.

All the witnesses and Jeanne herself spoke only about the white color. There is nothing exceptional about the fact that the gold fleurs de lys were placed on a white area rather than blue.

Because all the regimental flags of the Kingdom of France in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, excluding the time in and around the French Revolution, as well as the period of the Restoration had gold lilies on a white field. It was almost one inch wide 2. Because the fabric was only a single thickness, the decoration painted on the front showed through to the back.

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The standard makers overcame this problem by first applying the gold leaf for the lettering and the fleurs de lys to both sides after which then they painted the images only on one side. Actual sheets of thin gold were attached to the fabric by first applying a thin layer of a fatty substance onto the cloth after which the gold leaf was beaten into the fabric.

Painted on the broadest part of the standard, the part closest to the pole, was the Apocalyptic image of Christ Who was seated on a rainbow, with the wounds in His side, hands and feet exposed. He was shown wearing a light red tunic and a bright red cloak. His right hand held the world a blue sphere and His left hand was raised in blessing. One is, the angel of justice, Saint Michael, who is armed with a sword, and the other is the angel of mercy, Saint Gabriel, who held a natural lily.

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These fleurs de lys were painted parallel to the edge of the standard that was attached to the pole. The gold lettering and the fleurs de lys were painted thusly for aesthetic reasons because this part of the standard usually hung in a vertical position. The standard was intended to be carried on horse-back, and was used as a rallying point for the troops.

The pole was extremely long, the length of a war lance, or approximately 18 feet 5. The fabric was This formed a triangular shape. Depending on the importance of the owner, such as the King, the length of the tail could extend sometimes more than an additional Thus creating a standard that was Even on horse back, the man who held the Large Standard needed a great amount of strength and skill to be able to hold the deployed ensign. We know from various testimonies that Jeanne often held her own standard while in combat. But the question remains did she mean her large or small standard? The Pennon also called the Small Standard.

The crowd pressed itself against Jeanne and her horse so much that one of those who carried a torch approached so near her small standard Pennon that the fire caught on to it. Jeanne turned her horse and came to her pennon where she extinguished the flames. For my part, I do not think so. Either, only a small part was burned and repaired or it was entirely remade. On foot and in the middle of a battle, Jeanne could not have handled the large standard. This leaves only the possibility that she used the Pennon, which she could carry.

The part of the fabric that was attached to the pole was approximately 2. The principal and constant rule reasons that if large and small standards were different, then the backgrounds and the gold lettering were identical. Because the fabric was only a single thickness, the decoration was the same on the front and back.

To overcome this problem the gold lettering was placed on both sides and in the same area of the pennon. Your name. Your email. Send Cancel. Check system status. Toggle navigation Menu. Name of resource. Problem URL. Describe the connection issue.

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