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She recently revealed that the proposal took place on Nov. Memorable Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements. In October , Simpson confirmed in most memorable fashion—while dressed up like a mummy—that she was, in fact, a mummy-to-be. This has been the greatest experience of our lives!

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You know, it was kind of like a one-night stand. And it happened, all over again!

Jessica Simpson: Will Marriage To Eric Johnson Get Her Career Back on Track?

Jessica Simpson's Pregnant Fashion. Ace Knute Johnson was born on June 30, , a darling, similarly towheaded addition to the family. The following year, Simpson and Johnson finally found a good patch of non-knocked-up time to get married. Maxwell was their flower girl, naturally, and Ace was a top-notch ring bearer. For all the ways in which Simpson apparently has met her match as far as love and sex and family values go, so has she found Mr. Right when it comes to privacy. Presumably he keeps up his end of the conversation at home, but Johnson hasn't spilled one iota of information about their personal life in public, while still remaining an amiable and photogenic presence at events and on Instagram with his wife and kids.

He has a certain set of principals, having eschewed the "high and mighty" attitude at nearby Harvard for Yale. He started practicing yoga during his football-playing days to maintain agility and flexibility. And maybe Johnson wouldn't have predicted it, either, but it didn't take him long to fall hard.

It started all this. I love you Eric. Watch Daily Pop weekdays on E!

Simpson began her career as a singer

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Jessica Simpson Biography

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Would you like to view this in our UK edition? Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Would you like to view this in our Asia edition? Would you like to view this in our German edition? A lot has happened to Jessica Simpson since she bounced on the scene with her debut album Sweet Kisses.

While recording music, starring in movies and designing her own brand of clothing, Simpson has also been the constant subject of tabloid rumors and public debate over her image. November 23, : Simpson released her debut album, Sweet Kisses. Branded as a cleaner-cut pop star than cotemporaries Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, the year-old didn't roll around in the sand or get her Lolita on in schoolgirl uniforms. The Evolution Of: Jessica Simpson. They broke up after two years, only to reunite in late June 5, : Simpson released sophomore album Irresistible, which spawned only two singles, including the title track.

October 26, : Simpson married Lachey, maintaining her good-girl image by sharing that she saved her virginity until her wedding day.

Jessica Simpson's Career (And Personal) Timeline - MTV

The show was pitched by Joe Simpson. He was a producer and had final cut. A hit when it premiered in , Newlyweds finally distinguished Jessica from Britney and Christina. Said to document a couple learning to live as newlyweds, it remains a fascinating, multi-layered document. First, there is the text: the show itself is a postmodern parody of I Love Lucy with each episode organized around a classic comedic situation—a pampered girl goes camping, for example. To make it work, Jessica was cast in a simple role, stereotypical 50s-sitcom ditz, which she is not.

If you sit with her and talk, you see that she is smart, reads, thinks, cares, wants to know, but viewers came away with just a few images, the way, if you think of Lucy Ricardo, you come away with just a few images: Lucy in the candy factory, say, overwhelmed by the speed of the conveyor belt.

Then there is the subtext, which is Joe Simpson sending a camera crew into the house where his chaste daughter is losing her chastity. That was our space. Though Newlyweds linked Jessica and Nick Lachey forever in the minds of a certain demographic, it seemed to deflate the marriage. Whereas the show ran for three seasons, the marriage ran for just over three years. It made me understand what marriage is, what love is, what commitment is. Interestingly, Newlyweds, while allowing her to break out—her third record, In This Skin, its release timed to the premiere of the show, was her biggest hit—may also be responsible for her current impasse.

And even if the tabloids were factually wrong, they were getting at a poetic truth. Jessica did seem to be searching, looking for a new role or identity. Her fifth album, A Public Affair, was released after her marriage dissolved. This is when the trouble with remembering lyrics began most famously during a live broadcast of Good Morning America last year , coinciding with a decline in her record sales.

It was while filming The Dukes of Hazzard that she first considered country music—it came at the suggestion of co-star Willie Nelson. But if she tries to go back to pop, that might be too much ping-ponging. The Cowboys are a religion in Texas. The quarterback of the Cowboys is the Pope. By dating the Pope, Jessica has put herself in a uniquely high-profile position. Romo is big, easy, handsome.

He began seeing Jessica in November of Then they were everywhere: Dallas, L. So Romo and Simpson are just a normal couple, like you and your girl, only faster in his case and better-looking in hers , tossing the pigskin around the Cowboys practice facility, going to the movies, etc. At games, Jessica sits in a skybox, hands over her eyes, a girl at a monster movie, too scared to watch. Trouble began a week before the Cowboys were to play the Giants in January Romo went with Simpson and others to Mexico, was photographed relaxing and taking it easy, then came back and lost a playoff game to New York, who went on to win the Super Bowl.

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This was the crossing-of-the-Rubicon moment for many Dallas fans, after which Simpson went from being interesting trivia to being a grave threat. Even George Bush, a Cowboys fan, blamed Simpson, though she had publicly endorsed his presidency. But Romo seems happy-go-lucky. If they win, he seems happy. If they lose, he seems happy. And all this is tied up with Jessica Simpson. The sun is going down. I live off the faith that has been instilled in me, that has never left. I have a great relationship with God.

Ashlee Simpson

I can talk to him, get mad at him, frustrated with him. But, ultimately, my faith is what defines me. Like Robert Johnson, Jessica Simpson stands at the crossroads. I follow her to the front of the restaurant, where her assistant is waiting. She hands Jessica a leather bracelet from her collection, the kind worn by the kids who played Hacky Sack behind the school. Jessica ties it on my wrist with terrific solemnity, as if I were being knighted. I walk out of there feeling good.