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Arjun heard the noise of the foot coming to him. H could feel that somebody was approaching him. He patiently waited to hear what kind of noise it was.

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Was it any animal approaching him or was that his mother. He could gauge that it was his mother by the foot noise that has been created.

The arrow took away the ring without even touching the ear. Arjun ran toward the arrow, took the ring out of the arrow, gave it to his mother to once again wear it on the ear, and then touched her feet to receive the best of the blessing. After receiving it, he escorted his mother to the palace.

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He later was the master of the grandees gaandeev , and the speed at which he would shoot the arrow at times would beat the speed of the light. Such was his perfection that in his entire life he did not miss even an aim which was meant to be aimed, and shot at. The entire battle of Mahabharat after Bhishmah Pitahmah was put aside by Arjuna, and Shikhandi was the tussle between Arjun, and Karna. Before this battle Lord Hanuman, ie Bajrangbali in a different avatar met Bheema while was an exile in the jungle. Hence both are pavanputra, ie the son of the Lord of Air by, and in any means Bheem was put to the test by Lord Bajrangbali who was lying on the road in the form of a sick, and a very old being.

Better you lift me up by my tail, and put me aside, and start moving ahead of your destination. Bheem tried to lift that old and the sick being by its tail but was a failure in every manner to do that. He realised that it was Lord Hanuman. During the Arjun- Karna tussle which is considered to be the greatest, and the deadliest tussle in the annals of any war that was fought between two warriors , for each arrow that Karna hit, and that would push the chariot of Arjun back by one foot, Lord Krishna would fold his hand, and would bless Karna he would everytime sat-Karna never would be a warrior again be born like you.

This had irritated Arjun. He lost his balance, and then he asked Lord Krishna- why are you praising him for nothing.

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He is pushing me back by one. Why have you to praise him. Lord Krishna came out of the chariot that he was driving for Arjun and asked Arjun to stand beside him. Arjun was quiet, and that was the day when Arjun realised about what Karna really was in terms of a warrior. However, the darkness spelt all around, and Karna had to stop. It was a rule that no weapons would be shot at each other, and at the enemy after the darkness. That saved Arjun.

That was the first occasion that Arjuna felt and could experience what death was, and what means death. It was Lord Krishna who with his outstretched palms covered the entire sun or else it was Arjun who was going to breathe his last on that occasion. This examples the greatness of these three warriors, and all about the dignity as well as the courage of the Indian warriors, be it in the primitive age or be it of the modern age. One was Lord Krishna during the Dwapar age, and the other one was Chanakya during the primitive era.


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Bhishma - The Warrior Who Defied Death

Top 10 Best Directors in the last three Decades in India. Three Ways to Fix this item is not available in your country on Play Store. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers. By Bhattacharjee Shyamal Last updated Jul 24, Bhattacharjee Shyamal. He has a experience of about 35 years in marketing. Leave a comment. Home General General. Definition - What does Bhishma mean? Learn More Here. Yogapedia explains Bhishma Originally known as Devavrata, which was the name given to him at birth, and Gangaputra, Bhishma is said to have taken his oath in order to allow his father, Shantanu, to marry a fisherwoman named Satyavati.

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Related Terms. Related Articles. The Importance of Cobra Pose: Bhujangasana. How to Inspire a Kapha. What Is the True Meaning of Yoga? What is ashram dharma? He has mastered the art of weilding arms, and has unparalleled skills, equalling those of Sage Parshuram. Rushi Vasishtha has imparted the knowledge of the Vedas and the Vedanta, arts and sciences to him.

This is your child, the finest archer and master statesman. Ganga, as an ideal parent, ensured that their child would be brought up with the right sanskars. This was necessary so as to mould young Devavrata for his future role as a mentor to the descendents of Shantanu.

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King Shantanu was very happy to receive his son and with great pride he brought the prince to the palace. Devavrata was brave, just and looked highly promising. The subjects welcomed the decision wholeheartedly. King Shantanu was getting old and so he decided to step down from his throne. He was lonely and always missed his wife Ganga. One day while he was taking a stroll on the bank of the river Ganga, he was attracted towards a charming maiden, Satyavati.

She was the daughter of the chief of the fishermen tribe. She used to ferry rushis across the river, in her boat.

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She had a Divine fragrance coming out of her body. She was originally known as Matsyagandha due to the fishy smell that emanated from her. Once Rushi Parashar came to the riverbank and asked to be ferried across. That time Satyavati took him across the river in her boat. Rushi Parashar was pleased with her and blessed her with a divine fragrance along with the boon of a son who was named Vyas. Immediately after his birth, Vyas grew up quickly through his Divine powers and left to meditate.

Vyas, however, promised his mother Satyavati that he will always be at her beck and call. Vyas, is the legendary sage Ved Vyas, who had mastered the Vedas, the first Guru. Ved Vyas narrated the entire Mahabharata at a stretch while Shri Ganesh wrote it down. Sage Vyas was also a mentor to the descendents of Shantanu. He was charmed by her beauty. He went to her father, the fisherman chief, and asked for Satyavati's hand in marriage.